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Mission Statement and Vision Statement


At Academy of Learning we will:

  • Respond to the dynamics of the ever-changing market with the most relevant, current solutions for our clients/learners.
  • Demonstrate a constant commitment to learners’ success and employability.
  • Creatively meet each client’s/learner’s specific requirements through the flexibility and customisation of ever-changing learning methods and the Integrated Learning™ System.
  • Provide advice and treat each client and learner with care and sensitivity.
  • Maintain visible and meaningful partnerships with our communities.
  • Ensure the Integrated Learning™ System and other learning methods remain the most current, effective learning process.
  • Ensure that we meet the highest standards for quality training products, services and delivery.
  • Create opportunity for growth and success of Academy of Learning.


Academy of Learning will always be recognised as South Africa’s most effective and respected learning centre, providing computer, business and career skills.

We are dedicated to improving the productivity and marketability of each client/learner.