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The CoP and ICiBS Certificates will be issued by AOLSA once the learners have met the exit requirements.

For all other subjects successfully passed, except for the CoP and the ICiBS, AOLSA will award a Certificate of Competence. This Certificate of Competence together with a Statement of Results will be available in each learner's profile on our ILMS System, once INSETA has done the verification. Prior to moderation and verification ONLY a Progress Report will be available in each learners profile on the ILMS System.

Once a learner has completed the full qualification and INSETA has verified the learning, INSETA will issue the Futher Education and Training Certificate (FETC) for the full qualification.

AOLSA will issue:

  1. a CoP Certificate to learners who complete either the:
    • S-CoP,
    • S-PCoP,
    • S-CCoP,
    • R-CoP or the
    • L-CoP programmes

    and the

  2. ICiBS certificate to learners who also complete the:
    • Short or Long term ICiBS,
    • FINLIT,
    • BSADM and
    • BSCAL programmes.*

      * Credits / dispensation may also be obtained for the BSADM and BSCAL programmes from other sources, including Matriculation English and Matriculation Mathematics as mentioned above.

      Previous credits / dispensation granted by the IISA will also still count.