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There have been confusing reports in the press of late regarding the Academy of Learning registration status. This notification is intended to set all these matters straight for the general public.

  1. Academy of Learning (Pty) Ltd (AOL) operated until 30 June 2003 under the umbrella of Educor. At the time this specific legal entity was HET (Higher Education and Training) registered.
  2. However, since 1 July 2003, Academy of Learning SA (Pty) Ltd (AOLSA) has operated as a totally separate legal entity, and severed all ties with Educor. AOLSA voluntarily deregistered as an HET provider in 2003/2004. AOLSA continued to be a provider in the FET (Further Education and Training) band.
  3. Please note that there exists a difference in the status of each training provider. Academy of Learning currently operates in South Africa ONLY in the FET band and by choice does not wish to operate in the HET band. Thus, the voluntary request for deregistration.
  4. The DOE (Department of Education) controls the HET registration process, and even though AOLSA has requested the DOE to remove our name from the DOE HET website/Register, it is their obligation to inform the public that Academy of Learning does not operate under the HET band.
  5. The Register of DOE is updated from time to time and as such the name of Academy of Learning will appear in the HET Register ad infinitum. The last updated issue dated 17 October 2008 can be viewed below, refer page 1 and 39.
  6. The Register includes (among other things/lists) names of providers who have voluntarily requested the DOE to cancel their Registration in Higher Education (ie; who no longer wish to operate in the HET band). This list includes all Providers over the last few years that have requested their Registration to be cancelled. The same list (including recent cancellations) will appear in all subsequent issues of the DOE Register.
  7. The above voluntary action, taken by AOLSA a number of years ago, does not affect our current status in the FET band.

Academy of Learning SA (Pty) Ltd is provisionally accredited by UMALUSI, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training and as such is fully committed to academic excellence and will continue to provide quality education to all the learners in South Africa, including the Insurance and Financial Sector Learners.

Please view our accreditation status information by clicking on the link below.

Should you have any questions in this regard and require further clarity, please mail

Posted: 2 November 2008