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Administration and Business

There are a number of opportunities within the Administration and Business training courses portfolio. Click on each heading to get further details.

| Administration Clerk Level 1 Skills Programme |
| Administration Clerk Level 2 Skills Programme |
| Administration Manager Skills Programme |
| Human Resources Administrator Skills Programme |
| Business Entrepeneur Skills Programme |
| Business Manager Skills Programme |
| Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration |


Core Programmes

  1. Keyboarding
  2. Introduction to Computers
  3. Windows Operating Systems
  4. Word Processing Basic
  5. Spreadsheets Basic
  6. Business Correspondence level 1
  7. Business Planning
  8. Principles of Small Business Management
  9. Introduction to the Internet
  10. Electronic Mail Basic
  11. Organisational Skills

Electives (One is compulsory)

  1. Basic Bookkeeping A
  2. Graphics Basic
  3. Business Maths